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I'ma Be Frank is a glimpse into the life of an everyday department store catalog model/aspiring rap sensation who pledges to yolo against all odds.


He does it all: goes tanning in Iceland, listens to pop singers backwards in domestic vehicles, rents R-rated movies, helps strangers in need of directions to the nearest nudist colony, and dates dashing damsels with distinguished dental plans and healthy fiber regimens.


Not everyone can understand an enigmatic figure as Frank, but with the physique of a Phoenician, the brain of Helen Keller, the fashion sense of Carl Sagan, and the hair of a Super PAC heir, quite frankly, he really doesn't care.


For those seeking more out of life than what you hear without this album, behold the inventor of the Cheeto Tuxedo, The Baritone Baron, part of a balanced breakfast, Frank Ponecall.

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